Icon for Seniors

Kay knows we have to keep the promises we have made to our seniors. She will never turn Medicare into a voucher program and she will never hand Social Security over to Wall Street. In an effort to protect Social Security, Kay has opposed a complicated formula called “Chained CPI” that would amount to cuts in Social Security benefits for North Carolina seniors who rely on them. Our nation faces difficult budget choices, but Kay will never allow our budget to be balanced on the backs of seniors.

Kay has voted to close the Medicare Part D prescription drug “donut hole” that has created a gap in coverage for North Carolina seniors. Kay believes that seniors on a fixed income shouldn’t have to choose between filling their prescriptions or buying groceries. Seniors now also have access to preventive care and wellness exams that don’t require an additional co-pay, and Kay is advocating for legislation that would help seniors adhere to their medications, which would lower costs and keep seniors healthy.

In an effort to make life easier for seniors, Kay supports a bipartisan bill to create a simplified tax filing form that would let seniors who receive pension or VA benefits file their taxes with a form similar to the 1040 EZ. It is these types of commonsense ideas that Kay wants to put to work for North Carolina’s seniors.