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McClatchy: North Carolina’s Sen. Hagan prepares to fight outside special interests in re-election

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WASHINGTON — As Sen. Kay Hagan prepares for what is likely to be a tough and competitive re-election campaign, she emphasized a populist message that would portray her as fighting for average North Carolinians against Republicans on the side of “outside special interest money.”

The Tar Heel state Democrat hopes to gain an advantage by contrasting her work on Capitol Hill with the influence of undisclosed outsiders who are pouring in money to defeat her.

“These individuals don’t know the people, don’t know the values, don’t know the problems,” Hagan said in an interview on Tuesday previewing her 2014 campaign. “They’re looking for any issues having to do with their corporations and their taxes.”

That contrast could be decisive, she said. “It’s my work for North Carolinians versus the special interests who are trying to buy this seat.”

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