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Hagan Campaign Releases Report On Speaker Tillis’ Promise To Eliminate Department Of Education

Tillis Said Eliminating Dept. Of Education Would Be “The First Priority When I Become Senator”

GREENSBORO – Today, the Hagan campaign released a report showing the dangerous consequences of eliminating the federal Department of Education, which Speaker Thom Tillis said would be his “first priority” if elected to the U.S. Senate.  The report details, with specific numbers, the effect this would have on North Carolina’s students, classrooms and teachers, which have already suffered under Speaker Tillis’ irresponsible education budget in Raleigh.
The new report shows that eliminating the Department of Education could:

  • Reduce or eliminate academic support for 585,000 North Carolina students and cut 7,000 teacher and staff jobs
  • Force North Carolina college students receiving Pell Grants to pay up to $5,730 more per year for college. For a 2014 graduate with a four-year degree that would have meant up to $22,295 in additional costs
  • Slash federal work-study aid for more than 19,000 students
  • Shift the cost of providing special education for over 190,000 North Carolina children to the state
  • Eliminate $28.5 million from all technical education programs

For video of Speaker Tillis promising to eliminate the Department, click HERE.
“Eliminating the Department of Education is a fringe, out of the mainstream idea that runs against our commonsense North Carolina values,” said Kay. “It would put thousands of our students and teachers at risk at a time when they’ve already been asked to shoulder the burden of Speaker Tillis’ irresponsible education budget. After doing so much damage in Raleigh, promising to eliminate the Department of Education as his first action is just one more reason Speaker Tillis has the wrong priorities.”
Kay was joined by North Carolina students, teachers and parents who oppose Speaker Tillis’ dangerous plan to eliminate the Department of Education.
“Kay has always been there for North Carolina teachers like me, and she continues to make education a top priority,” said Dawn Davis, 12th Grade English Teacher and co-chair of Educators for Kay. “As a North Carolina teacher, I already know that Speaker Tillis has the wrong priorities for education because he slashed almost $500 million from public education to give tax cuts to the wealthy. Now he has promised to eliminate the Department of Education if he makes it to Washington, and it’s clear we just can’t trust Speaker Tillis to do what’s right for our students.”
“As a North Carolina student I am appalled by Speaker Tillis’ destructive education agenda that he promises to bring to Washington,” said Ebony West, a student at Eastern Carolina University who attends school with the help of Pell Grants. “Speaker Tillis’ agenda has already hurt students like me and if the Department of Education was eliminated, as a Pell Grant recipient I would be forced to pay up to $5,730 more per year for college. That would be a huge burden to middle class families and it is clear that Speaker Tillis’ education agenda is wrong for North Carolina and especially wrong for students.”
The full report can be read HERE.
North Carolina has already seen how Speaker Tillis’ wrong education priorities hurt our state after he chose tax cuts for the wealthy and cut public education by nearly $500 million. Last week, it was uncovered that he used a budget gimmick that means student growth won’t automatically be factored into education budgets, threatening to make class sizes larger and leave problematic funding shortfalls for North Carolina schools. The Superintendent of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools called the change “radical”.