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Thom Tillis’ Women’s Health Positions Even More Fringe Than SCOTUS Ruling

#NCSEN Features Clear Contrast On Women’s Health

GREENSBORO – The contrast on women’s health in North Carolina could not be clearer today as the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision allows some employers to interfere in women’s access to health care. While Kay opposed an amendment that would let employers interfere with access to health care for their employees, Thom Tillis believes that it’s acceptable to let corporations and employers interfere with contraceptive access for their female employees.

However, Tillis’ fringe position goes a step further as he not only believes that states have the authority to ban birth control, but also supports a so-called “personhood” constitutional amendment that could ban some forms of birth control and in-vitro fertilization. These positions are nothing new for the Special Interest Speaker who led the legislature to defund Planned Parenthood in North Carolina and used a motorcycle safety bill as cover to ram through a bill to limit women’s access to care.

“Kay has a record of standing up to protect women’s access to basic preventive care, while Thom Tillis sees no problem with letting employers make personal health decisions for women,” said Sadie Weiner, Hagan Campaign Communications Director. “Kay believes that this is a conversation that should take place between a woman and her doctor, not a woman and her boss, but Tillis goes even further than today’s ruling with his belief that states have the authority to ban birth control. Tillis has pledged to run on his record, which includes a long history of reducing women’s access to care, and between now and November he will have to defend his agenda that has the wrong priorities for North Carolina women and families.”